A.O.R. ** L.A. Attraction ** 27.01.2006

A.O.R. ** L.A. Attraction ** 27.01.2006

Melodic Rock
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A.O.R. ** L. A . Attraction ** 27.01.2005 ** Länge 53:02 min. ** Das 5. Album des Französischen Songwriters/Produzenten Frederik Slama, sehr guter Melodic Rock mit Topmusikern wie Tommy Denander, Steve Lukather, Philip Bardowell, M. Landau, Rick Riso


01.How could I ever forgive her
02.Don't ever say goodbye
03.One more chance
04.Like an open book
05.The house of love
06.Tears in the rain
07.I won't give up on you
08.The spark of my soul
09.Last chance at love
10.L.A. winds
11.Give a little love
12.Lost in your eyes