Daytona ** Trilogy 2CD ** 20.02.2009

Daytona ** Trilogy 2CD ** 20.02.2009

Melodic Rock
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Daytona * Trilogy 2CD ** 20.02.2009 ** Länge 130:00 min. ** Alle 3 Alben der, von Robert Papst (Dominoe) produzierten, schweizer Melodic Rock Band - jetzt als 2009er ReRelease mit 3 Bonustracks auf 2-CD erhältlich!


CD 1 The Best ... So Far
01.You better take another way
02.Love me like before
03.I don t wanna live without you
04.Here I go again
05.Calling you
06.I feel good tonight
07.Lonely eyes
09.Wild world
10.We stand together
Bonus Tracks :
11.You better take another way - single version
12. How will I know
13.Love me like before - early version

Point Of View
14.Lifes just a highway
15.Turn back time
16.I'd rope the moon for you
17.One step closer
18.Point of view
20.Dreams are not enough
21.You are the one
23.Was it you

CD 2 Who Is Xooly?
01.What else i need
02.You better take another way
03.Sorry i'm not dancing
04.You are the world for me
05.Way of belief
06.Up and down
07.We stand together
08.As good as one
09.I don't wanna be your fool anymore
11.Time has come
12.Mixed emotions
13.Wild world
14.What else i need - reprise